Episode 23 cover

23 – Branches of the Galactic Corporations

August 4, 2014

On Earth, Luke reunites with Phil and Jake after the DC Podcast Crisis to have a little discussion of the hows and whys of movie franchises. Afterwards, Tim joins (at 1:01:37) as they launch into hyper-four-dimensional-space to review “Guardians of the Galaxy” and the 4DX experience.

  • Energy drinks, lamenting the “Golden Age” of our stupid podcast, and a call for bands
  • Movie franchises
  • Bringing back old movie franchises
  • New sequel, old filmmakers
  • Summer blockbusters and winter blockbusters
  • 12:44 – 19:28 the Harry Potter series (with some spoilers)
  • Discovering the audience
  • Chronicles of Narnia
  • Planning franchises out
  • Reboots of the Planet of the Apes
  • Different methods with studios
  • TV series starting
  • Fan overhype
  • Responsible franchises?
  • Teenage Myoutunt Ninja Turtles

Extra links:

Luke’s review of “Guardians” | 4DX