Episode 46 cover

46 – The Legend of the Goongas

February 11, 2015

The Phantom Podcast takes revenge! Recorded on Phil’s Birthday, steps are taken towards the parsecs to Episode VII this being the unofficial 2nd step as we review “Episode I: The Mantom Phenace” after seeing it again, but watching it as if we had never seen it before! Later on in the year will be “Empire Strikes Back” followed by the remaining two prequels, and then “Return of the Jedi” during Q3 of 2015.

  • Stupid Spidey News Today (0:00)
  • Jurassic World Again (03:27)
  • Star Wars Story-Time! Parsecs to Episode VII (06:55)
  • Reviewing Episode I: The Fantamenace as if we watched it for the first time ever (08:40)
  • Star Wars Episode I: BEGINS (12:14)
  • Jar-Jar: The Main Character (37:40)
  • Escaping NaBOO (54:05)
  • This here Anakin Guy (1:11:01)
  • “I’m Checking Your Blood For Infections” (1:25:11)
  • CorOOOSkant (1:41:13)
  • The Fight on NaBOO (1:54:44)
  • Episode I Conclusion (2:19:55)

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