Episode 53 cover

53 – Lay of the Empire

June 19, 2015

The third official “Parsecs to Episode VII” poscat continues as the retelling of “The Empire Strikes Back” commences, but not before we talk about the upcoming hopeful short action film and the test shots we shot about it – plus a little history of Phil’s video cameras. In this once-in-a-generation Back-To-Back Bargain Bin Special! Two Podcast Episodes at the Same Time!

  • Follow-Up Greetings (0:00)
  • Lost in La Mancha Forgot to Mention (07:11)
  • Knight Movie Test Shots Talk (09:56)
  • Phil’s Camera History: JVC Era (12:35)
  • Phil’s Camera History: Canon GL2 Era (20:06)
  • Phil’s Camera History: Sony PMW-EX1 (31:38)
  • Knight Movie Test Shots Again (47:27)

The Empire Strikes Back Retelling:

  • Back to the Empire (47:52)
  • Opening of Empire (55:40)
  • Battle of Hoth and Evacuation (1:20:39)
  • Dagobah and Asteroids (1:45:07)
  • Escape and Luke’s Dilemma: The Empire Theme (2:14:15)
  • Cloud City and Carbonite (2:30:40)
  • The Duel and Ending (2:53:32)

Links: JVC GR-DVF21  | Canon GL2  | Sony PMW-EX1  | FilmmakerIQ Aspect Ratio | Jake at Film Camp  | The Solicitor (Seen in a Cinema Screen)  | Episode Order of Watching  | The Harrison Narrated Empire Trailer  | Lando taking his shirt off