Episode 54 cover

54 – The Mesozoic Sphere

June 19, 2015

We spared no expense with this update of two not-podcasts for the time of one! A time of the age of the dinosaurs, a poscat 65 bazillion seconds in the making, a talk with Tim about the newest “Jurassic World” film, and how some might not like it like the others. Warning: SPOILERS AT THE JURASSIC WORLD REVIEW! But not before talking about one relevancy… and other things that will bore you.

  • Back to Back Bargain Bin Special (0:00)
  • Sir Christopher Lee (05:31)
  • News Flash! Most Important Vegetables, IMAX Digital, Cinema Technicalities, MADMAX, Wrong Movie Titles (08:58)
  • Tim’s Special Mastodon Moment (26:48)
  • Stalling More (35:12)
  • Jurassic World Time! (36:12)
  • The History of the Jurassic Movies sort-of (39:18)
  • Jurassic World: The Review! For Real! (1:12:52)
  • Jurassic World: Continuing the Plot (1:33:02)
  • Wurassic Jorld: Trying to Progress (1:43:52)
  • Tim’s Quick Story (1:59:11)
  • Jurassic Wurrrl: The Last Parts! (2:00:20)
  • Phi’s CGI Opinions (2:11:10)
  • Juruuussic Wurrrrrrrlll CONCLUSION (2:19:29)
  • Phil’s “Jurassic Park IV” ‘the real one’ idea from 2001 (2:23:19)
  • Goodbye, Jurassic Farts (2:27:48)
  • Chopstick Jockeys – Dinner Time [The Song For Tim’s Birthday!] (2:30:05)

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